User Research

We Deliver Insights That Inform Better Strategic Decisions

We Deliver Insights That Inform Better Strategic Decisions

Primary Research

We believe all great design starts with the user. We sit down with users to understand their products and services and discover their true underlying needs and goals. We look at the wider context to determine opportunities that can inform new forms of value.

– User Interviews
– Mobile Diaries
– Surveys
– Focus Groups
– Shadowing
– Ride-alongs

Usability testing

We can conduct usability testing to understand the usefulness, desirability, engagement, and effectiveness of screen-based UI. Our usability analysis can prioritize the most important changes that need to happen to create successful user experiences.

Comparative Analysis

We look at industry examples, adjacent products, and competitor features to understand opportunities in your market. We analyze value and determine gaps and opportunities.

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We’re Excited To Learn More About Your Next Project

We’re excited to learn more about your next project

Whether you’re looking to enhance your brand or think strategically about longer-term initiatives, we can help develop and create a path forward.